The specialized advancement and technological uprising are encountering an intense expedition in terms of languages, frameworks, programs, and tools every year. Every language is striving to accomplish in its own area but only some of them withstand acceptable characteristics, and others generally get out of the progression. Among the surviving…

As corporations increasingly fluctuate workloads to the public cloud, cloud computing has changed positions from a nice-to-have to core ability in the business. This transition expects a modern bunch of abilities to structure, deploy, and manage applications in cloud computing.

As the market leader and supreme developed provider in the…


The availability of broad data clusters presents contemporary openings and challenges to organizations of all sizes. But there is a catch, all the data won’t fit on a single processor so it seems favorable enough to disseminate it across thousands of nodes. This distribution of data leads to faster computation…

Priyanka Sharma

I am a mentor of KVCH. KVCH is an Educational Institute which aims to provide training for the student in Noida.

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